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Heat wave

So this is the weather forecast for the next 5 days

Lorna, do you mind if I hide in the big freezer until the weather breaks? It is that or stay in the swimming pool for all that time.

(I never thought I would miss sweating as much as I do in these summers! I have no cooling system with this skin!)

Dec. 21st, 2012

Has anyone seen my hairnet? The titanium one? I cannot find it anywhere...

Red X Update

So, some of you many know I have been working for X-Corps lately. The area I have been working in is, to no-one's surprise, Red X, and I have caught up and organised things to the point that I am ready for the recruiting drive.

For those who are new, Red X is part of the Red Cross. We are mutant volunteers who use our powers to help those in need, usually in relation to a natural disaster. It is specifically aimed at younger people, to give them an idea of the practical and beneficial uses of their powers. It is not, however, just for the high school students - there are a few of us, like me, who have continued with the program and who are still involved.

I'd like to ask for those who might be interested to respond here with any questions they might have. And I'd like those who are or have been part of Red X to talk about their experiences as well. There are, as the wise man said, no stupid questions - anything you would like to know, please ask.

(Also, sorry if this sounds too formal - I have been writing too many reports today!)

Happy Birthday, Fred!

I left a parcel for you in your mail slot. Did you get it? :)

Happy Birthday to me

It was less exciting this year, but that is not such a bad thing. Thank you, everyone, for your gifts and best wishes. :) How strange to realise I am not the teenager any more! It seems only yesterday I was the student here and now I am 20 and an X-Man.

Happy Birthday, Sooraya!

She is being very quiet about it, but today is Sooraya's birthday! Everyone wish her a happy day!


Is anyone else reading the news sites? I should be studying for my last final tomorrow, but there is so much to catch up on. It seems Phillip and Jenny were right about Genosha drafting mutants to work against their will. Of course the Genoshans are denying it, but there are many questions being raised.

I wish Jenny and Phillip were here to see it.

Another May birthday!

Happy Birthday, Dori! I hope you have a wonderful day!


I got an email from Angelica today. She has decided to stay in Europe for the summer vacation and maybe into the next school year. She says she might not have this sort of chance again and wants to take the full advantage, which makes sense, but I will still miss my friend.

Ear bug

I have the Killer Tomatoes song stuck in my head. It has been there all weekend!

(Thank you, Dr. Jean, for hosting the movie night, and thank you, Ms. Frost and Ms. Dane, for the food and everything!)