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Text to Sooraya

Sooraya, can I ask you to bring my extra bodysuit down to the medlab? Mind got destroyed and I am making the mess of the bed down here.

Happy birthday, Sarah!

Everyone should wish Sarah (the one at the mansion, not the Brownstone) a very happy birthday today. :)

A very long day

And there is still paperwork for be finished before I go to bed. And checking on our wonderful volunteers who saved lives today. Thank you.

Happy Birthday, Marius!

Just in case you forget again. ;) Dinner at Catseye's restaurant with all of your friends is sounding good?

Snow Day!

I have been wanting to try my hand at the snow sculpting (literally!) and this snow is perfect for it. Who would like to come and help? If we get a big enough pile, I could try making the palace from the Frozen movie!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Angel. I hope you had the great time today. :)
There is a lot of online debate about that telekinetic girl in the coffee shop in New York. The HeliX group was talking about it today at school - someone suggested that we have a 'coffee protest' and all go together to the coffee shop and just sit and have coffee together, human and mutant students. With lots of camera phones to take video and show people that mutants are not as scary as they think.

As for the video itself, I am not sure what to think. It is not fair for the girl that she is treated like the monster just for being angry, but as someone who is always having to control my emotions and my powers so I do not hurt people, it can be frustrating to see someone using their powers in anger like that. Especially against someone who is not a mutant themselves. Especially since for those of use who are more visible, things get harder. People in my class were staring at me and whispering again today.

Why do what we do?

A friend of mine at the university is studying the popular culture, and one of her classes had the discussion about superheroes and how they all have the tragic histories, which is why they become the heroes. But she was asking in the class, what about people like the first responders and the fire brigade and the Red Cross volunteers? Why do they choose to do what they do?

Of course, I could not tell her I had the online journal full of superheroes who have not lost all of their families or had their home planets blown up, but I am curious. For everyone, including those who are thinking about becoming X-Men (or joining one of the other groups) one day, or who have been part of the Red X program (since you are certainly the heroes in my opinion!), why do you make such the choice?

I know I started with the Red X program because I wanted to make the most of my mutation, and to me, that was helping people. I because the X-Man for much the same reason - to be able to help on the larger scale, and perhaps be able to stop the disasters before they become the disasters. My mutation makes me a very good weapon, I suppose, so I wanted to use it for the right side.

What about you?
... but I noticed that today is Mr. Guthrie's birthday! Happy birthday, Mr. Guthrie! :)